It’s isolating.

In case you wondered why there is a community, it’s because it’s isolating. 

You just want to talk about it with someone, but they couldn’t care less. They just move on, treat your identity like an admission that you like to swim or that you’re allergic to strawberries. 

On one hand it’s nice-not to be defined by your orientation. It’s nice for it to be treated as normal, but on the other hand, I can’t talk about how it affects my life. 

It means that there is a chance I will never get to experience a romantic relationship in the same way as other people.

No it’s okay. You’ll find someone.

It means that I’m afraid that people will treat me differently once they find out.

Well screw them.

Well maybe I don’t want to limit my human connections to the socially educated. Maybe I don’t want to discount people because of their sometimes well meaning ignorance.

It means that people make assumptions.

Well, what does it matter what they think?

Well some people will discourage other people from connecting with me romantically because they assume I’m not into that sort of thing. Some people will be confused when I’m excitable and flirty and ship everything. Some people will be surprised by my humanness-think of me as subhuman. Cold, emotionless, be less likely to rent an apartment out to me, be less likely to be my friend if the studies are true. Or superhuman, somehow able to resist human impulses, the perfect modum of control.

Don’t you want that? To be thought of as superhuman?

I know enough to know that I am not better than anyone. And this isn’t where I would want to be.

Shouldn’t you be proud?

I am proud, but I’m afraid.


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