The Inundating Wave of it all

I started college three weeks ago.  That’s not the important part.
Well it is… and I have so much to say on the matter, but the fact is that college has sliced open emotional wounds. And my heart is bleeding. It’s 12 AM and I should be sleeping or doing homework, but instead my heart is bleeding because I’m reading a story, a story about true devotion, not some trashy romance but a gentle story about two souls who have sustained each other through the most perilous hardships and betrayal. A story that is making my heart bleed because I’m crippled with a inundating wave of sadness, loneliness, gentleness, and a sense of raw admiration and need. I knew I was lonely. I knew I always felt alone and on the outskirts of everything, but something in my life and in that story aligned until I’m being crushed by the alone tonight, crushed by a feeling of intense torturous longing. That is the home of my heart tonight. It’s dreaming of the summer days behind my eyes and the words along scattered pages.


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