Social Media is Ruining Me

I started an Instagram account for a scholarship opportunity. I never expected to actually use it. In fact, I didn’t even write the password down. Then I started to draw, and I wanted people to see my art. Everyone wants to have a voice. I wanted mine.
Flashforward to now. I have 57 followers, mostly people I know but also some strangers. My account is a mixture of personal and art. I try to post at least two posts art for every one post personal and no more than three posts a week. I have a system.
Yet social media has me totally stressed out. I don’t know if I should move my personal stuff to a new account so as to keep my current art followers and gain new ones, but then I have to deal with telling people about my personal account and more importantly I can’t shift the likes and comments on my personal pictures to the new account. And if I change my account name, what if someone unfollows me out of confusion.
Also networking kills me. I’m excited to like pictures I like and support new artists, but the follow for follows game is killing my spirit a little bit. I get so excited when I get a new follower because I see it as progress in my art. I see it as support for my developing art style. But when the person unfollows within the next two weeks, I feel insecure. I thought I was supported, but instead I was just being used. I’m such a small account with mostly followers I know, so I can see when people unfollow and who unfollows. Also I literally have “do not follow for follows. That’s just cruel,” in my bio, but people just ignore it.   And the whole thing is dumb anyways because I’m such a small account, so I’ll check out anybody who likes my photo’s account anyways.
Basically I’m stressed out about the dumbest things.
And social media is ruining my personal relationships. To be more clear, I’m ruining my personal relationships because of how obsessed I’ve become with likes, comments, and follows. At least I keep my blog private. I think I need to take a hiatus from Instagram in order to regroup my emotions and become more stable before I return because I feel very vulnerable right now.
Also I got a Facebook, and I don’t know why I check the feed because I really don’t care. It’s just a way to connect with my future classmates.
I love blogging and Pinterest though. That’s untarnished by the need for affirmation.

Etiquette of Instagram
Never ever follow for follows on an account with very few followers. That’s just cruel.

Blessed are those who:
Support new artists
Support young artists
Support underappreciated artists
Do not follow for follow backs
Like a post when they appreciate it
Comment nice things(this especially)


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