Nothing like a stupid panic episode in the morning

Last night my parents called me downstairs. When I got to the living room there was a wrapped package for me. “This is kind of an early birthday gift,” my Mom says. I rip open the packaging to reveal an antivirus software. Okay. That seems good and practical. I thank my parents and get ready to leave.
“Wait,” they say. “There’s another part that goes with it.” I turn around to see a suspiciously sized package. My stomach fills with dread. I open it to reveal just what I expected, a brand spanking new laptop. This one is silver whereas my last one was black. I cringe at the change. It’s thin which I appreciate and there is no way the corner can unhinge like in my old laptop. Yet I’m freaking out.
I really hate new things. It’s like I build up a loyalty to my certain brands and model of electronic devices. I hate adjusting to new functions and new problems. More importantly I don’t see why they couldn’t have just fixed my old laptop for $60 rather than drop a few hundred bucks on something new. Plus this means I won’t be getting anything else big for my birthday. I can think of things that hold way more practicality to me.
By the end of the night I’ve somewhat warmed up to the new laptop even though I don’t want it. It seems normal enough. The click key malfunctions and the mouse is jumpy, but I figure that’s just because I just started it up.
The next morning I get out the laptop to use and I find that the mouse jumps around and is still just off. The right click key is still really slow. A nervousness latches to the pit of my stomach. I look up reviews of the laptop and find that the touchpad issues do not go away. More importantly I find out the retail price of the laptop is about $800. I assume my parents wouldn’t have bought it if it wasn’t on sale, but still. Now I’m freaking out because I just want my old, cheap laptop back. I can’t even talk to anybody about this without being the brat who is upset because her parents bought her a brand new, expensive laptop.
So I’m having a panic episode. But I have to go to choir and participate even though I feel like I’m dying. And all I can think about is how to bring it up to parents that I want the laptop returned.


One thought on “Nothing like a stupid panic episode in the morning

  1. Apparently my Dad could not fix my old laptop which is why I got the new one. It’s all good now though. It didn’t die. It just decided to update without telling me. It’s got its annoying quirks, but I’m getting used to them.


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